Video Samples

Non-Profit Organization Event Video

The Pacific Club is a non-profit organization that connects entrepreneurs in Vancouver. I’m a director with the club and this video from our 2018 Movember event.

Event videos are a great way to help prospects better understand your organization’s values and brand.

Using Video for Personal Branding

This is a video I made one day while playing tennis with my son. It’s a video about never giving up and believing in yourself...

But this type of video is also great for personal branding to demonstrate your values and what you care about, things that modern consumers want to know about when dealing with a business.

Real Estate Software Explainer Video

AUTOPROP provides realtors with tons of information to help them stand out from their competition to win more business.

This whiteboard style video is great for helping to explain concepts or services, so let me know if this is something you'd like for your business.

Videos to Create Emotion with Your Audience

Went out for a walk with my son and created a little movie about it.

The important thing about these types of videos is showing some sort of theme or evoking emotion. This is true for personal branding or business promotion... your audience should feel somehow connected to you through your videos.

Promo Video for Presentations Course

A short promo video I did for my presentations course because helping people with presentations is something I love and has direct parallels to my video marketing services.

Effective promo videos need a good understanding of the target audience, as well as the business goal you want to achieve. Avoid fluff!

Corporate Culture Video for Winright Law

They are just really good people who genuinely care about their clients and who always put their clients' needs first.

They are just really great people and I'm happy to be able to work with them.

Wills & Estate Planning Law Explainer Video for Lynk Law.

This is an explainer video for Lynk Law in California to help them communicate their estate planning services.

Promo Video for Custom Tailor Shop

This is the English version of a promo video for Well Dressed, a custom men's and women's tailor shop in Seoul, South Korea.

Explainer Video for Orthodontics Clinic

This explainer video is for Hinesly Orthodontics to help them talk about how they help people lead better lives by improving their smile.

Product Demo Video for Microphone

I was asked to check out the COMICA CVM-V30 shotgun microphone and provide a review for it, so here it is.

I got my kid to help and it turned out to be a fun way to make a review video for this microphone.

Explainer Video for a Non-Profit’s Service

March of Dimes Canada needed a way to talk about one of their many services, but wanted to do so in a casual way.

Explainer videos are easy to watch and are not affected by staff or office changes.

Wills & Estate Planning Video for Winright Law

Explainer videos are great for topics that are normally not easy to talk about.

This is a wills and estate planning video for Winright Law to talk about the importance of getting a will.

Explainer Video for Marketing and Fundraising Services Company

Explainer videos help professional services explain complex ideas so they’re easy to understand.

This is for CGC, a company that provides marketing and fundraising support to non-profits.

Wills & Estate Planning Video for The Johnson Firm.

Marcie and Richard Johnson are a couple of fantastic lawyers in Richardson, Texas.

One of their areas of specialty is estate planning and they asked me for help on a video. So, here it is!

Personal Branding and Educational Video

I’ve used videos to build my personal brand, especially with these presentation tips videos.

But they have to done well and with good production value or else they’ll do more harm than good.

Video Demonstrate Expertise and Educate Clients

In this video, I talk about the importance of good audio quality when making your own videos.