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Reach New Heights with Video

What better way to capture the moment and build corporate culture than with videos that support your marketing and branding efforts, like this one for Winright Law in Vancouver.

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A Video for Every Business or Event

We all know that videos are a great way to communicate. Here are some ways video can help you get your message out.

This whiteboard style video is great for helping to explain your business concepts or services.

A vlog style video is great for promoting your brand and corporate culture and can be used to educate customers in a fun, informal way.

Cute characters and a light-hearted approach are great for explainer videos about serious topics, like getting a will.

A promo video for The Village Dispensary that was cut from a longer investment pitch video.

Here’s an animated explainer video for CGC, a company that provides marketing and fundraising support to non-profits.

A corporate culture video, like this one for Winright Law, can go a long way in helping recruit new people, boost morale and build your brand.

An explainer video for SRNK Biomass Disposal to help potential customers understand the service in a fun and engaging way.

Videos can help you build trust by and relationships with customers by showing your brand’s personality.

Do explainer videos work? This one for PagePath increased lead generation by 200% when used in an email campaign, so heck yea, they work!

An event video that shows off the energy and vibe of the event gets people juiced about your organization and is a great way to highlight your accomplishments.

Law firms can use explainer videos to make clients feel less intimidated, educate people and build trust. This estate planning video is an excellent example of making a difficult topic easy to understand.

Educating your customers is a huge part of marketing in today’s marketplace, no matter what industry you’re in. Your marketing strategy should always include education and value to help you stand out.

An explainer video is a great way to help users understand what an app or software can do in a fun and easy to digest way.

Event videos should capture the atmosphere and jazz that up to get people hyped about your company and upcoming events. Kinda like this one for The Pacific Club.

Financial services companies can greatly benefit from an explainer video by making a dry topic more interesting to learn about.

Educating customers and potential clients with video is a great way to build trust and establish authority in your field.

Winright Law needed to help clients find answers about the conveyancing process and to help qualify prospects. This video helped them achieve an 80-90% conversion rate.

For realtors, client relationships are everything to their success. I’m lucky enough to work with realtors like the Vancouver Condo Team who care so much about their clients. This video is just a peek into what they’re all about.